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Every room has a tale to tell. And the right furniture makes it ever so interesting. At VASQ(VERSATILE AUTHENTIC SPANKING QUAINTED), we offer you a wide array of unique furniture selections that blend in with any kind of lifestyle. Incorporating designs of cross-cultural savvy, we create furniture that appeals to your senses and to your style. Established in 2003, VASQ (VERSATILE AUTHENTIC SPANKING QUAINTED) is promoted by Mr. Pankaj Monga. With top-notch technology and manufacturing facilities we aspire to provide you with furniture that brings to life your dream rooms where you can feel the ambience. We do all kind of furnishing works Ceiling, Partitions, Flooring etc.

VASQ (VERSATILE AUTHENTIC SPANKING QUAINTED) is recognized amongst the finest in Delhi and for the last 5 years has been producing the most beloved styles with the highest level of care and affection. The quality, durability and design of our products are second to none. And it is the service and warranty that ensures our success. VASQ is moving towards becoming a Global organization with its trust on behalf of their Valuable staff. After a successful performance in the Delhi market, we have been planning to reach all over India in a very big way. Since 2003 we have been producing high Class furniture, which makes each of our item an authentic masterpiece.

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